An overview of the Old Testament: Part 1

We begin with an overview of the first five books of the bible: Genesis to Deuteronomy

Session 3 – From Creation to Canaan

  • Our overview will be an attempt at the broad survey from a great height
  • Knowing the landscape of the Bible is the first step to being able to navigate it
  • An overview helps us to place a passage in its context and it can identify passages we may want to study in greater detail


  • Genesis
    • Origin or Beginning
  • Exodus
    • Exit or Departure
  • Leviticus
    • Sacrifice, priest, people and altar
  • Numbers
    • Census and wanderings
  • Deuteronomy
    • Looking back and looking forward
Downloads for this Session
Session 3
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Survey of the Old Testament Part 1

How can we study the Bible?

Session 2 – How can we study the Bible?


  • The structure of God’s library
    • An overview of the books of the Bible
  • How we received the canon of the Old and New testaments
    • To be studied at home (17 hidden slides)
  • The principal message of the Bible
    • The answer from the catechism
    • The revelation of Jesus the Christ
  • The revelation of God for the apprehension of man
    • God has spoken now He helps us to listen
  • How can we study the Bible for ourselves
    • Bible Study aids
Downloads for this Session
Session 2
PowerPoint link
How can we study the Bible?