An overview of the New Testament: Parts 1 & 2

Session 7

This session covers the first five books of the New Testament – the four gospels and the Acts of the Apostles.

Part 1: The Four Gospels

Question: How many gospels are there.
Answer: Four (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)
Or should the answer be: There is only one gospel?

While there is advantage in seeking to harmonise the gospels, to obtain ‘a life of Christ’, our aim here is to observe the differences between them, and see His life from four different viewpoints.

Part 2: The Acts of the Apostles (Acts)

Acts can be analysed under at least three different headings – People, Places and Principles

People – Peter and Paul
Places – Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, The ‘Ends of the Earth’
Principles – The Holy Spirit at Work – In the local community, In individual lives, In a crisis, In groups/teams.

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Session 7
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Survey of the New Testament Part 1: The Gospels
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Survey of the New Testament Part 2: Acts

An overview of the Old Testament: Part 3

This session is broken into two parts: a) The Major Prophets, and b) The Minor Prophets

Session 5 – The Prophets

The Major Prophets

Isaiah – ‘Jehovah is salvation’
Jeremiah – whom Jehovah has appointed, or ‘Jehovah lifts up’
Ezekiel – ‘God strengthens’
Daniel – ‘God is my judge’

The Minor Prophets

We will consider these in groups of three

  • Hosea – Salvation of Jehovah
  • Joel – Jehovah Elohim
  • Amos – Burden
  • Obadiah – Servant of Jehovah
  • Jonah – Dove
  • Micah – Who Is like Thee?
  • Nahum – Comforter
  • Habakkuk – Embraced
  • Zephaniah – Jehovah has Treasured
  • Haggai – My Feast
  • Zechariah – Jehovah Remembers
  • Malachi – My Messenger


The books that cover the period Canaan to Babylon
How the prophets fit the timeline of the two kingdoms
Downloads for this Session
Session 5
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Survey of the Old Testament Part 3a
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Survey of the Old Testament Part 3b