An overview of the New Testament: Parts 3 & 4

Session 8

This session covers the letters of the New Testament.

Part 3: The Epistles of Paul and Hebrews

The first part of this session covers the letters written by Paul and Hebrews (also often considered as one of Paul’s letters).

There are 14 letters in this group.
The first thing to notice is that the first and last of these letters are somewhat different to the others, in them there is a development of an argument which sets out a reasonably full theological statement of the belief of the writer(s).
The other letters are more parochial, dealing with: commendation, reproof, and advice; specifically tailored for the recipients – both individuals and churches.

Part 4: The General Epistles

There are seven letters in this group, they were written by James and Jude (half-brothers of Jesus), Peter (2) and John (3).

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Session 8
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