Recommended Reading List

Despite the impact of COVID-19 our recommended reading list is unchanged, although perhaps the sessions are no longer applicable.

Session Recommended books Author/Publisher
 1 A Scientific Investigation of the Old Testament (pdf) Robert Dick Wilson
St. Paul the Traveller and Roman Citizen (pdf) William M. Ramsay
Nothing but the Truth Brian Edwards
 2 Reference Bible Thomas Newberry
Chain reference bible (online) Frank C. Thompson
Strong’s exhaustive concordance of the Bible James Strong
Expository Dictionary of new Testament Words (online) W. E. Vine
Believer’s Bible Commentary William MacDonald
NIV Study Bible Zondervan
Handbook to the Bible Dennis Alexander & Pat Alexander
Interlinear Greek – English New Testament J D Douglas (Editor)
Interlinear Bible: Greek, Hebrew, Strong’s (online) BibleHub
 3 Explore the Book J Sidlow Baxter
Surveying Scripture (to order by email from Bryan’s widow) Bryan W. Sheldon
Surveying Scripture (Amazon)
 4 Explore the Book J Sidlow Baxter
 6 tba