An overview of the Old Testament: Part 3

This session is broken into two parts: a) The Major Prophets, and b) The Minor Prophets

Session 5 – The Prophets

The Major Prophets

Isaiah – ‘Jehovah is salvation’
Jeremiah – whom Jehovah has appointed, or ‘Jehovah lifts up’
Ezekiel – ‘God strengthens’
Daniel – ‘God is my judge’

The Minor Prophets

We will consider these in groups of three

  • Hosea – Salvation of Jehovah
  • Joel – Jehovah Elohim
  • Amos – Burden
  • Obadiah – Servant of Jehovah
  • Jonah – Dove
  • Micah – Who Is like Thee?
  • Nahum – Comforter
  • Habakkuk – Embraced
  • Zephaniah – Jehovah has Treasured
  • Haggai – My Feast
  • Zechariah – Jehovah Remembers
  • Malachi – My Messenger


The books that cover the period Canaan to Babylon
How the prophets fit the timeline of the two kingdoms
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Session 5
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Survey of the Old Testament Part 3a
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